101 Word Streak Tips and Tactics

Each Tip and Tactic Will Help You Play Better

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Here are some Free Word Streak Tips (formerly Scramble) for you below (just scroll down a bit). Get 101 more easy tips and strategies when you get the app.

In the 101 Tips you’ll get

24 General Tips and Tactics
13 Letter Strategies
11 Word Strategies
10 Fun Hints and ways of playing
8 Tournament Tips
4 Power Up Strategies
11 Environmental and Health Tips
20 Reverse Word Tactics.

I enjoyed writing these up for you.

Who am I to teach you Tips and Tactics?

Here are my current stats for Word Streak: For dual matches - 799 games played, and 460 games won. My highest scoring game is 4126, and my average score is 2134. My longest winning streak is 19 games. My fastest words per minute is 68 words per minute, and my average words per minute is 32.7. My longest word is TESTATORS (9 letters) and my highest scoring word is QUAINTER (127 points).

Now for Tournaments, for All Time, I’ve won 2885 games, with 332 1st place wins. My average is 76.9 words found, at 25.7 points per word, averaging 1977 points per round. I’ve won 6006 tickets (and used them all to play in more tournaments). In tournaments, I most often play the Classic Bonus, with an entry of 2 tickets. When I have LOTS of tickets, then I indulge in the Blitz Bonus. The competition is fierce in the Blitz Bonus, and I am doing better and better by utilizing the tips and tactics I give to you in this app.

When I ran high school track and cross country, our coaches didn't just have us go out and run the same way everyday, at the same pace. Sometimes we did speed work, and at other times strength or hill training. We worked on flexibility and mental toughness. We worked on finishing strong. Then all these came together synergistically on race day so we could run our best race.

I do the same for you in this app. You'll work on speed tactics and word knowledge. You'll focus on the high point and bonus tiles to get the most points. You'll even get health and environmental tips that will sharpen your abilities. Then all of these will come together as you play daily and you will get better and better. If every one of these tips give you a 1% improvement, then you’ll improve by 100% by practicing all of them.

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Here are your free tips below:

Start Quickly!

When you play in a Word Streak Tournament, start the first round quickly and be one of the first ones done. When you are one of the first finishers, you can see the other player's scores as you finish. You get to see their scores for the exact same board you just played!

This is only valuable when you win the first round. Then you can see the score the person of the person you play in the semi-final, and of the person you may play in the final. This can help you to know how many power ups you need to use. When my Mom first started playing Word Streak with Friends, it was called Scramble, and the Power Ups had some different names.

Look for Compound Words

I'm not the very best at this, so I'm working on this strategy myself. Just now I played a game and missed READOUT, STANDOUT, OUTDATE, and OUTDATED. In another game I missed LODESTONE and LODESTAR. Every game will have some compound words, and sometimes you already traced both parts of the word (like STAND and OUT), and you just have to put them together.


When you check the word list after dual matches, notice the compound words you missed, and trace them mentally on the board.

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Develop Protocols

Sometimes it helps to have some "rules" or protocols - just a simple system to handle certain situations. It helps conserve your brain power. For example, when I see some tiles creating ASTER, I'll start with the longest word I can see, and then move down to smaller words. In this situation, this would be MASTERS, then MASTER, ASTERS, and ASTER. I get the longest word first in case I run out of time.

Some possible protocols could be

Do one corner of the board at a time
Exhaust all possible words using the bonus tiles
Always get the plural first, then singular (GOATS, then GOAT)
Longer words first (trace GOATS and MOATS before OATS)
Get all words using one tile, before moving on to others
Always scan the board for ING at the start
Let the Freeze Power Up kick in by itself at the end of the game

Upside Down Reading

When you are reading a book (or cereal box, or newspaper), turn it upside down and practice reading that way. At first you'll be slow but you'll quickly get faster as your brain repatterns.

When you play Word Streak you don't see the letters upside down, but you DO look for words going right to left and also down to up, and that's what you are training yourself to do.

I hope you've enjoyed these free tips -get the rest below.

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Get Words 3 or More Letters Long

To get a good score with Word Streak with Friends, you really need to get words at least three letters long (and hopefully much longer).

However, IF you are a beginner and can't see any more words, go ahead and get a couple two letter words to get some points. But know that there are hundreds of larger words in each game and you need to be getting THOSE words.

I don't even take the time to trace two letter words at all because 99 percent of the time I can see many larger words and I'm tracing those as fast as I can. If you find yourself "stopped" and unable to see more words, then use the 101 Tips for Word Streak App and you'll soon see many more.

Look for Words Spelled in Different Ways

Some words can be spelled different ways, and YOU get credit for both ways. Yes, you can trace out Liter and Litre and Miter and Mitre and get points for all of them!

You can also use British spellings, such as Realise (Realize), and those ending in "our" like Colour, Flavour, Honour, and Humour (for Color, Flavor, Honor, and Humor). So try this out and get more points easily.


Christopher Westra

P.S. If you found this helpful, get more tips and helps from my app. You can also check out all my apps right here (and many are free).

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